Stefanie Abrams

ML Counselor - 8th grade and 7th grade students with last names A-J

Camille Gonzales

Elementary Counselor - PK-5th grade




Megan Mcdonald

ML Counselor - 6th grade and 7th grade students with last names K-Z

Cathy Queen

Registrar/Counseling Support




Special Education & Other Student Supports

*Please see your child's Schoology or Seesaw courses for provider links and activities.  

Kelley Anderson

Speech Language Pathologist

Marni Choice-Hermosillo

School Psychologist




Deb Crowell

Occupational Therapist

Courtney Fleeman

Teacher, Special Education, Elementary




Jackie Wachtel

School Psychologist

Heather Walker

K-8 English Language Development




Middle Level LST

Stephanie Ball


Vanesa Fumbarg

Abby Woodard

Teacher, Special Education