Digital Collection

1. Go to and click the Sora button

2. If you’ve never logged in to Sora, Click “I have a set up code” and use the code “BVSD” 
*Note: This may not be necessary

3. Click the Green “Sign in using Boulder Valley School District.”

4. Sign in using your BVSD credentials. Next time you click on the Sora tile in the SSO, it will open directly into your Sora account

5. Click Explore to browse titles. Search for a specific book using “Search for a book..."

NEW: Access the Public Library's Digital Collection!

In addition to BVSD's collection on Sora, you can now also access the public library's digital collection with your BVSD login!

This gives you access to SO MANY more eBooks and Audiobooks for free.


All Together, Read Together