Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books 2021-22

Battle of the Books is a Quiz Bowl Style Competition for students in grades 3-12. Yes, it is a competition, but the purpose is to foster a love of reading! The goal of Battle of the Books is to teach students how to work together in a group for a common goal, expose them to award-winning pieces of literature, and encourage a high volume of reading inside and outside of the classroom.

When students enroll in this battle, they commit to working with a school team to read books from the Battle of the Books list. The list includes ten books of various levels of difficulty. Students can read the books independently, as part of a school group, or with an adult. Students then compete in teams at the school to answer questions about the books. Each school sends one team per participating grade level to compete in the district Battle of the Books.


Getting Started

Registration for this year's BOB program at Eldorado has closed.


Begin Reading!

Once reading groups are formed and assigned a volunteer to lead them, groups will begin acquiring and working through the selected titles.

Reading groups are responsible for obtaining copies of books. We encourage you to:

  • Source used books

  • Rotate with other grades sharing the same titles

  • Access the public library

  • Use a combination of physical and digital books

Mr. Riesel will have 1-2 copies of each book in the Eldorado library to supplement, but this should not be a primary source of books.




Thank you to all who have generously volunteered their time to help lead BOB Reading Groups!



I've registered my student. Now what?
Registration closed on October 11th. Reading Group Managers will be reaching out to their group members to coordinate next steps.

How often will reading groups meet?
We encourage reading groups and their volunteers to meet weekly beginning in November. If needed, meeting every other week can work.

Do we get to pick our groups?
Based on feedback from families and teachers, Eldorado staff will be forming reading groups this year. The registration form has a place to specify a student that you'd like to be paired with, though these groupings cannot be guaranteed.

Are the reading groups going to compete together?
No. In the Spring each student will take an individual school qualifier test using district-provided questions. The top 5 students in each grade will form a team that will compete at the district competition.

Does my student have to take the qualifier test in the Spring?
No. If your student would prefer to simply work through the reading list and meeting with a reading group, that is just fine. 


Important Dates

BY OCTOBER 11th at 8am

March 15th


Grades 7-8: 4/27/23
Grades 3-6: 4/29/23



Notecatcher Documents

These notecatcher documents will be helpful in organizing details from each
book and in guiding your reading group conversations!

To make a copy of a notecatcher document, go to File -> Make a Copy.



Practice Questions




Please email Mr. Riesel and Mrs. Senteno with any questions!