Join Eldorado's first coding club, CODING EAGLES!



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Open to grades 4-8

Even if you registered in the past, please register again.


Meetings will take place on Mondays from 2-3pm virtually.

Google Meet Code: codingeagles

Launch Meeting: 2/22


We will be using Schoology as a home base for this club. 

After registering, please join with the following course code:

  • Overview
    Coding Eagles 1.0 is an optional club for students in grades 4-8. Participants will begin to learn the basics of coding and computational thinking through creative projects. We will be using the Google CS First curriculum and platform to manage student work, and Schoology to communicate essential information.

    This first version (1.0) of Coding Eagles does not require any experience, and is designed for students new to coding.
  • Expectations & Guidelines
    Members of Coding Eagles are expected to:
    - Attend and participate in weekly live meetings
    - Keep up with weekly exercises and challenges
    - Share their work with the community
    - Ask other club members and Mr. Riesel questions as needed
  • FAQs
    • Why is this club only for grades 4 and up?
      For the initial launch, we are using Schoology as home base for the club. Since students in K-3 are not using Schoology, we wanted to keep things simple. The plan is to expand in the future!
    • I've coded before. Can I join?
      Please note that Coding Eagles 1.0 is designed for beginning coders. No experience is necessary. Students with experience may join, but the pacing and challenges may not feel appropriate for more advanced students. Future versions of this club will provide experiences geared toward more experienced students.
    • What sort of device do I need to participate?
      All activities are web-based and Chromebook compatible. The device you've been using for home learning should work just fine.
    • What are we going to do in this club?
      We will be using the Google CS First curriculum to guide our activities in this club. The first version of the club (Coding Eagles 1.0) will begin with a multi-week project around storytelling using code.