Join the Eldorado PK-8 community in this year's Read-a-thon!

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Read-a-Thon is to help support a love of reading and to encourage a regular reading habit. 

LAUNCH DATE: Sunday, April 16

END DATE: Saturday, May 13

Papers must be turned in to your classroom or SOAR teacher by Monday, May 15th.


Weekly Bonus Challenges!

Bonus challenges get posted on Sunday mornings and are due by Saturday of that same week. Complete bonus challenges to be entered to win bonus prizes!


Keep on reading and turn those papers in to classroom teachers on Monday, May 15th!


Week 3 Bonus Challenge:  What would you say to your favorite book character?

This week's challenge is a creative one! If you could speak to your favorite book character what would you say? 

**Submissions have closed**


Week 2 Bonus Challenge: Record a Book Talk for Destiny Discover

This week's bonus challenge will help add your voice to Destiny Discover! Visit this Flipgrid link and record a video that will make other students want to read a book that you've enjoyed. Your book talk video will be linked to the book in Destiny.

Sign in with your BVSD Google account. If you have issues, please have a parent email Mr. Riesel ( for the guest password.

Week 1 Bonus Challenge:  Due Saturday, April 22

Celebrate School Library Month by giving Mr. Riesel some thoughtful feedback about our library! Fill out this form completely to be entered to win a bonus prize.