Join the Eldorado PK-8 community in this year's Read-a-thon!

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Read-a-Thon is to help support a love of reading and to encourage a regular reading habit. 

LAUNCH DATE: Sunday, April 3

END DATE: Saturday, April 30

Papers must be turned in to your classroom or SOAR teacher by Monday, May 2nd.


Weekly Bonus Challenges!

Submit evidence completing the challenge by the end of the week to earn an extra raffle ticket!

Week 4: April 26-30

Character Job Interview

For this final challenge you'll need to pretend you are a character from a book you love. As your character, you'll be interviewing for a job! How would your character talk about the following things?

  • Introduce yourself as your character
  • What job are you interviewing for? (Think about what job your character would like to have)
  • Why would you be good at this job? (What special skills, talent, or experience do you have?)
  • What is something you would struggle with in this job, and how might you work through it?

After you spend some time preparing, submit your job application video to our Flipgrid!

Week 3: April 18-23

Dare to SORA!

SORA is BVSD's free eBook and Audiobook tool. There are TONS of great books to read on there! For this week's challenge, you'll need to do the following:

1) Check out one available eBook or Audiobook on SORA. Take a screenshot of your "Loans" page in the Shelf tab.

2) Add at least three other books to a "Summer Reading" list. Take a screenshot of your "Lists" page in the Shelf tab.

3) Submit your two screenshots in this form.

  • For help getting into SORA from the BVSD Portal, click here.
  • For help taking a screenshot on a Chromebook, click here.
  • For help making a list on SORA click here.

If you have any trouble, please let Mr. Riesel know! (


Week 2:  April 11-16

April is School Library Month! For this week's challenge, Mr. Riesel would love your feedback.

**You must give thoughtful, well-written responses to earn a raffle entry**

*Parents may help younger students if needed*
Click here to complete the Google Form by April 16th!


Week 1:  April 3-9

  • Post a "Book Talk" video to our FlipGrid to help others find new books!  Your video should include:
    • Your name and grade
    • The title and author of the book you are recommending
    • A quick summary of the book (no spoilers!)
    • Who you think would like it
  • Click here to access the FlipGrid.  Submit your video by April 9th