Welcome to this year's Hour of Code! Coding is an incredible skill that you can use to help make the world a better, safer, more fun, and more interesting place. Enjoy some of the awesome activities below, and let Mr. Riesel know how it went!

Grades K-1

Rodo code

RodoCodo - Practice Sequences and more!

Help the beaver solve challenges!

Be Kids Coding

BeKids Coding - Solve puzzles in the Loop Galaxy

Grades 2-3

Sparks Flying Jr. -You live in a cave - code a fire to keep warm!

Minecraft: Voyage Aquatic

Pirate Plunder

Code an astronaut monkey in space!

Rodo code


Help the beaver solve challenges!

Coding galaxy adventure planet

Coding Galaxy

Mystery island coding quest

Mystery Island

Grades 4-5

Dance Party! - The Classic


Dance Party: AI Edition

Code a Flappy Game

Escape the Dungeon!

NASA Space Jam: Code planets to make music

Poetry Art

AI is a Hoot - Create an AI-based game!

Sparks Flying - Take a trip back to prehistoric times and code a fire to keep warm

Grades 6-8

Want more? Browse the full collection of Hour of Code activities at code.org. More experienced coders can select the "Comfortable" toggle to filter results.